Process Framework (PF)

Natural resources can be managed by government or community or jointly by both. Most often, access restriction to natural resources are imposed when managed by government; hence, deprives the use right of the community particularly in developing countries. The central objective of natural resources framework is to build a meaningful partnerships for managing natural resources for the sustainable benefits of the current and future generations. Thus, process framework supports a multidisciplinary approach that includes environmental, social, economic, cultural and political perspective. These five perspectives capture the important attributes of a natural resource issue.

Access restriction on natural resources to community are imposed in Ethiopia on parks and forests. Hence, two woredas each comprising two Kebeles will be addressed for the process framework. The two woredas are Dinsho which access restriction is imposed due to Bale Mountains National Park and Yayu Woreda which access restriction is imposed due to the registration of Yayu Forest by UNESCO as biosphere reserve.

Though not explicitly indicated in the terms of reference (ToR) that PF is a standalone report, the consulting firms came to an agreement with MEF to produce a standalone report of it (PF) at the cost of their firms.

PF Tasks


Prepare REDD+ Program Description

RPF standalone report

Review of related Policy Legal & Administrative Framework

Preparation of Overview of RPF process

Synthesis of Potential Resettlement Impacts & Mitigation

Setting of Criteria for eligibility & Entitlements

Synthesis of Preparation, review and approval process of RAP & ARP

Prepare Grievance Redress Mechanism related to involuntary resettlement

Prepare Public Consultation & Disclosure Plan

Prepare Monitoring & Evaluation of impacts

Draft & Final Report

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