Oromia Forested Landscape Program

Goals of OFLP

OFLP is a national Pilot implemented with twin goals of:

  • Complying with international requirements to receive payments from international sources for verified reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, and
  • Scaling up financial resources and impacts of interventions to Scale.

The OFLP is prepared with two financial instruments

  • Up Front Mobilization Grant from Donors to the BIOCF+ (US$ 18 million)
  • An emission Reduction Payment (US$ 50 million)

Scope of OFLP

  • All forests in OromiaRegional State meeting the country’s forest definition;
  • Following jurisdictional REDD+ approach;
  • Monitor and account for forest cover change and associated GHG emissions within the boundaries of Oromia.

OFLP Accounting Area includes all the 266 Woredas in Oromiameeting the country’s forest definition –Brown colour indicates deforestation hotspots.

Deforestation Hotspots in Program Area

Program Milestones

–March 2013 -Initial Program Idea Note (PIN) drafted

–April 2013 –PIN presented and accepted on Annual Meeting of FCPF Standing Committee

–May 2013 –Program Roadmap Proposed

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Emission Reduction Phases

–May 2014 –Program design officially launched

The Design Phase

The Design Phase involves:-

–Setting-Up Institutional Arrangements

–Conduct a series of analytical studies

–Multi-stakeholder Consultation and Local Level Capacity Building

  • US$3 million grant for design obtained from the Gov. of Norway
  • Design phase timeframe is 1.5 years, to be completed in Dec. 2015.

Setting-up Institutional Arrangements

–Oromia REDD+ Coordination Unit

  • Cross-sectoral coordination
  • Reports to the Vice President (VP) of the State

–Oromia REDD+ Steering Committee

  • Strategic advice and oversight
  • Chaired by the VP

–Oromia REDD+ Technical Working Group

  • Technical advice
  • Chaired by OromiaForest and Wildlife Enterprise (OFWE)

–Analysis of drivers of deforestation & forest degradation and strategic options to address those;

–Analysis of legal & Institutional frameworks;

–Developing a Reference Level & Designing an MRV System;

–Preparation of a Consultation and Participation Strategic Document

Download OFLP Consultation and Participation

  • Oromia Community Consultation and Participation

–Preparation of Safeguard Instruments including SESA, ESMF, RPF and PF

Download OFLP Safeguard Instruments

  1. OFLP ESMF ((P156475 and P151294)-ETH-OFLP-Feb. 8, 2017-Updated Version
  2. OFLP SESA Updated 8 Feb 2017-Clean WB Rev
  3. OFLP RPF Updated 8 Feb 2017-Clean
  4. OFLP PF Updated 8 Feb 2017-Clean

Where are we in Design Process?

  • Except for the SESA/ESMF study, all the analytical studies are completed
  • The findings are used as an input in the preparation of:

–WB’s Program Appraisal Document (PAD)

–Government’s Program Implementation Manual (PIM)

  • Outstanding tasks to finalize design of OFLP

–Prepare a Benefit Sharing Mechanism for ERPA of US$50 million

–Finalize preparation of Program Implementation Manual (PIM)

–Finalize preparation of safeguard instruments

–Implement a State Wide C and P Plan

OFLP: Strategic Framework                         OFLP Institutional Set-up



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