REDD+ Capacity Building and Awareness

Capacity building of the regions, public and the private sector, proactive engagement in advocacy, partnership and collaboration with stakeholders is very important for the implementation of REDD+ in Ethiopia. Most of the capacity building activity has designed as training and exposure/ experience sharing mechanism.

The move towards ensuring meaningful engagement of all stakeholders through informing and advocating REDD+ is not yet gaining momentum. Gaining the Political and Executive leadership buy in and improving the public awareness along with facilitating communication and eventually contributing towards creating enabling environment is now becoming an outstanding issue to be addressed in a more organized and systematic ways

Limited Awareness of the Public on forest, its development and conservation: Studies on natural resource development and conservation KAPB shows awareness in Ethiopia has been improving, however much remains to be done. Knowledge is a prerequisite to behave favorably in using resources. In spite of the work undertaken to date on REDD+, there remains quite limited awareness of the project among some key stakeholders in the country.