REDD+ Safeguard Instruments


REDD+ is an international mechanism which refers to policy approaches and positive incentives for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries and takes into account the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks. The success of REDD+ actions in achieving its goal and maximize multiple benefits will depend on reduction of social and environmental risks to a substantial degree.

The potential benefits and risks to social and environment that REDD+ can bring will vary from one region to another depending on a variety of factors from biophysical and geographical to socio-economic and cultural. Assessment of social and environmental risks related to these factors can, therefore, help decision makers to plan and prioritize actions as part of national REDD+ programmes. The Safeguards instruments( SESA/ESMF/RPF/PF) that will be prepared during the implementation of REDD+ readiness phase help to address the impacts. The SESA identify where REDD+ can improve development activities and other environmental measures adopted to combat climate change. ESMF provide a framework for effective management of environmental and social issues in implementing the REDD+ Strategy. It seeks to both enhance environmental and social development benefits of REDD+ actions and projects and mitigate any adverse impacts. The RPF is instrument used to compensate or replace lost assets, livelihood, and income; and assistance for relocation, including provision of relocation sites with appropriate facilities and services. Moreover it help restoration of livelihood to achieve at least the same level of well-being with the Project as without it.

The Process Framework(PF), establishes a process by which members of potentially affected communities can participate in planning of project components, determination of measures necessary to achieve the policy objectives, and implementation and monitoring of relevant project activities. It covers restrictions of access to legally designated forest conservation areas, which result in adverse impacts on livelihoods of the affected people.


SESA, ESMF, RPF& PF are tools that seeks to integrate social and environmental considerations into policy-making processes, leading to more sustainable REDD+ policies and programs. It supports the design of the national REDD+ policy framework, including the National REDD+ Strategy.

  1. Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA)
  2. Environmental Social Management Frame Work (ESMF)
  3. Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF)
  4. Process Framework (PF)

Management Arrangement of SESA, ESMF, RPF & PF

The REDD+ secretariat established SESA executing body work at different level and mandate. At national level environment safeguard specialist and social development specialist are employed and the same number of specialists are also employed for its Oromia region landscape REDD+ program . Main duties and responsibilities of the national and regional safeguard specialists is to ensure the considerations of environmental and social issues in the whole REDD+ process and also to play a leading role in the development of safeguard instruments.

In order to oversee the overall activities of Safeguard issues the secretariat established national SESA taskforce. It constituents from Government Organization, Nongovernment Organization, Academia, Research, and Community based Organizations.

Fig. SESA, ESMF, RPF & PF Management structure

SESA, ESMF, RPF, & PF major activities

No Activities Institution/ organization Responsible Time Result Indicator (deliverable)
1 Preparation
1.1 SESA/ ESMF TOR preparation REDD+ Secretariat and WB One month SESA/ESMF TOR prepared
1.2 Follow up of advertisement REDD+ Secretariat
1.3 Evaluation of EOI and approval REDD+ Secretariat, MEF, SESA TF member and WB Four Week Short listing of firms completed
1.4 Evaluation of SESA/ESMF technical proposal and approval REDD+ Secretariat, MEF Two week Firm selection completed
1.5 Negotiation with selected consultant firm on terms of agreement REDD+ Secretariat, and MEF One day Negotiation conducted
1.6 Discussion on general approach REDD+ Secretariat & WB with selected consultant firm One day Discussion conducted
2 SESA,ESMF,RPF & PF document preparation   Six Month  
2.1 Launching & inception report of SESA,ESMF,RPF & PF document preparation REDD+ secretariat, WB, SESA TF and other stakeholders   Launching & first Inception report of SESA,ESMF,RPF &PF submitted
2.2 Final Inception report submission REDD+ secretariat   Final inception report submitted
2.3 SESA,ESMF,RPF & PF document preparation tasks

SESA tasks: task 1: Identifying key issues and assessment of key stakeholders Task 2: Initial description of the social and environmental situation of the forestry sector in Ethiopia Task 3: Outline the legislative, regulatory, and policy regime Task 4: Formulation of arrangements for implementation Task 5: Review particular institutional requirements within the REDD+ implementation framework Task 6: Analysis of the possible impacts of different REDD+ strategy option scenarios TASK 7: Preparation of final SESA documents Task 8: Present preliminary findings on Environmental & social risks and gaps Task 9 : Enhanced and targeted stakeholder consultation ESMF tasks: Task 1: Development of an Environmental and Social Management Frame-work (ESMF), and a Resettlement Policy Framework

Task 2: An outline of capacity

Consultant firm   On going
  building actions for the entities responsible for implementing the ESMF Task 3: Required technical assistance Task 4. Outline of the budget for implementing the ESMF Task 5. Provisions for Monitoring and Evaluation Task 6. Dispute resolution mechanism Task 7. Preparation of a final draft ESMF and the notary Resettlement Policy Framework RPF tasks: Task 1. Prepare REDD+ Program Description Task 2. Review of related Policy Legal & Administrative Framework Task 3. Preparation of Overview of RPF process Task4. Synthesis of Potential Resettlement Impacts & Mitigation Task5. Setting of Criteria for eligibility & Entitlements Task6. Synthesis of Preparation, review and approval process of RAP & ARP Task7. Prepare Grievance Redress Mechanism related to involuntary resettlement Task8. Prepare Public Consultation & Disclosure Plan

Task 9. Prepare Monitoring &

  Evaluation of impacts PF tasks: Task 1.REDD+ Program description Task 2. Review of PF Related Policy , Legal, Regulatory & Administrative Framework Task 3. Synthesis of Potential program restrictions on access & Livelihoods Task 4. Preparation of Eligibility criteria & Guiding Principles Task 5. Monitoring & Evaluation Arrangements      
2.3. Follow up of SESA,ESMF,RPF, & PF documents REDD+ Secretariat ,SESA TF, and WB    
2.4. Evaluation of Midterm report REDD+ Secretariat ,SESA TF, and WB    
2.5. Validation workshop REDD+ Secretariat ,SESA TF, WB and Other stakeholders    
2.6. Four stand alone national study reports( SESA,ESMF, RPF & PF) Consultant    
3 Consultation & Participation Plan      
3.1 Consultation and Participation plan preparation REDD+ Secretariat with SESA TF On going  
3.2 Conduct Piloting on C & P plan REDD+ Secretariat Not yet started  
4 Capacity building on Safeguard instruments    
4.1 Consultation/training after the development of SESA document for GO , NGO's/CBO's, and private sectors at National, Regional, Zonal, Woreda and Kebele level using C& P plan REDD+ Secretariat, SESA TF and regional REDD+ coordination unit Not yet started  
5 Integration of Safeguards issues in REDD+ Secretariat    
  REDD+ strategy      
5.1 Involve in draft REDD+ strategy to integrate safeguard issues REDD+ Secretariat safeguard team On going  
6 Regional Capacity enhancement on safeguard issues REDD+ Secretariat safeguard team Conducted in six regions  

SESA task force members




Ministry of Environment and Forest


Government Organization

Wondo Genet College of Forestry and natural resources



Farm Africa/SOS sahle

REDD+ Programme

Nongovernmental Organization

Climate change Forum - Ethiopia


Nongovernmental organization

Ethiopian Environmental Journalists Association


Nongovernmental organization

Pastoralist forum

Pastoral area

Nongovernmental organization

Forest Research Center

Social forestry

Government Organization

Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center & Network

Social & Ecological Resilience partnership programme

Government institution, Addis Ababa University

Initiative for Living Community Action

Work with underserved community

Nongovernmental organization

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