Analysis of National REDD+ Secretariat Media Awareness Activities

The National REDD+ Secretariat Communication plan emanates from the Secretariat’s monitoring and evaluation framework that has been designed by a German consultant hired by MEFCC/National REDD+ Secretariat during the launch of REDD+ mission. Yet, it took three years for the REDD+ communication strategy to be designed due to unavailability of qualified professionals when invited via bid announcement. As a result, the communication activities were guided by the outputs, goals, and targets set in the M&E framework.
Among other achievements, the REDD+ communication major achievements were attained from the media awareness raising activities undertaken together with Fana Broadcasting Corporate and other print and electronic Medias.
The following media analysis discuss the “Who - Says What - In Which Channel – With What Effect?” Also tells the Where, When and the How?

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Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change after rigorous effort recently came up with new forest proclamation. It is proclamation 1065/2018, which was declared by the Ethiopian parliament following series and painstaking discussions. The ministry hopes that the proclamation will address the multifaceted problems that endangered the forest countrywide. Although various proclamations were declared by previous regimes to protect forest, no proclamation could help to stop deforestation. The Ethiopian forest has continued to be destroyed over a long period now. The new proclamation however differs by far from the former ones, because it has involved numerous experts from the ministry including stakeholders during its formulation. It is therefore expected to bridge the gaps created by the previous federal and regional proclamations.

Thus, the ministry decided to mobilize law enforcement bodies nationwide by conducting awareness raising conferences at eight major cities in Ethiopia. Then, the conference took place successfully in less than a month. Nine conference took place in eight cities and they were led by His Excellency the minister and the forest sector state minister. Besides, various senior experts have presented papers on REDD+ Ethiopia, the challenges met in the former proclamations, and the new proclamation. Moreover, the discussions that were held in every conference were thorough
and effective. The participants were regions, zones and districts’ court presidents, chief Judges, and chief lawyers. Also police Commanders and different sectors’ heads from region up to district level have taken part in the conferences.
Over five thousand participants have attended the conferences and each conference was held for two days. What is more, the conferences were organized by MEFCC, Regions’ bureaus, and Fana Broadcasting Corporate. The proceedings encompass welcoming and opening remarks, presentations, views, comments, questions, and responses.

1. Collection of one proceedings

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2. Collection of four proceedings

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3. Collection of two proceedings

    To download the full document click here. Proceedings (two)

Audio media of National REDD+ Secretariat

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