By: Walilign Ayele

Addis Ababa: As part of the Framework Agreement for REDD+ Partnership, the Royal Norwegian government offered 1.4 (one point four) billion Birr grant to the efforts that will be made to prevent climate change and for the implementation of green economy.

During agreement signing occasion, the State Minister for Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation, Ato Admasu Nebebe said: the support is intended to reinforce the green economy development which is being undertaken by Ethiopia to prevent climate change. Meanwhile, he said that the support will play important role for the success of the second transformation plan which aspires to prevent climate change. He also said that in areas affected by deforestation, afforestation will take place to keep environmental safety and integrity. According to him, 660 thousand hectares of land in the regions of Southern Nations and Nationalities and Oromia will be managed through Participatory Forest Management attain the carbon emission reduction. The plan also includes reforestation of 800 thousand hectares of land mainly in Amhara and Tigray regions by mobilizing the target communities.

The State Minister in his final remarks said that acknowledging the role of Ethiopia in addressing the problem of global warming and offering support to the activities which are underway will strengthen the relationship of the two countries. What is more, Ethiopia will continue to make an effort in collaboration with stakeholders of Ministry of Environment, Forest and climate change.

The Norwegian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Andreas Gaarder on his part said: Ethiopian people are playing a part in the activities of safeguarding the environment. In the meantime, he mentioned his visit to Bale Zone where he witnessed the participation of the people in the efforts made to prevent climate change which according to him can be exemplar worldwide.

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  1. እባካችሁ ስለ ደን እንክብካቤና ጥበቃ ሁሉም ሰው የራሱን አደራ ይወጣ
    ምድር ባድማ /ባዶ ምድረበዳ/ ሳትሆን በጋራ አንከባከብ
    አያችሁት አፈሩ ተሟጠጠ ድንጋዩ ገጠጠ ምርት ቀነሰ ሙቀቱ ጨመረ
    በጋራ እንጩህ እንነሳ እንዝመት እንስራ
    ሁሉም አካል የተማረውም ያልተማረውም
    አመራሩም ባለሙያውም ይስራ ይነሳ
    ምድር ሸክላ /ገል/ ሳትሆን ህይወት ያለው ፍጥረት ሳይተፋ
    ለግል ኖረን ከምንሞት ሌላውን ለማኖር እንሙት
    አደራ በልተን ከምንሞት ከልጆቻችን የተበደርንውን እዳ ከፍለን እንሙት
    ሞትን ከምንወቀስ የተሰጠውን አደራ ጠባቂ ታማኝ ሀይማኖተኛ ተብለን እንወደስ
    የቀደሙት በሞታቸው በልጠውናል
    እንዴት ብትሉኝ
    ሲሞቱ እንኳን የኑዛዜ ቃላቸው በመቃብሬ ላይ ዛፍ ትከል ይላሉ ለስማቸው መጠሪያ
    እኛ ግን
    የኑዛዜ ቃላችን መቃብሬ ላይ ደን እንዳይሆን ውድማ እንዳይውጠኝ በመቃብሬ ላይ ሀውልት አሰራልኝ እልላለን
    የቱ ነው የንተ ኑዛዜ የትኛው ለምንኖርበት ፕላኔት የተሸለ ውጤት ያመጣል
    ዛፍ ዛፍ ዛፍ እንትከል እባካችሁ ተራራውን ተመልከቱ ባዶ ነው
    የመኖሪያ ዘመናችን እያለቀ ነው ምን ሰራን ምን አደራ ተወጣን ቆም በሉና ተመልከቱ

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