REDD+ Communication

The R-PP process emphasizes more importantly on creating ownership through active involvement of all stakeholders. This involvement would be realized when the public/stakeholders are informed of the REDD+, the R-PP process and when they are mobilized to support the process. Being a Government led process, it is essential that Political and Executive leadership is informed of the requirements and process for preparing Ethiopia’s Readiness and is regularly updated on the progress. Equally important is the fact that Ethiopia needs to effectively communicate to stakeholders on the progress towards readiness for REDD+. Without having a strategy that effectively reaches the predetermined target
audiences, well developed compelling message and proper delivery of message to those critical audiences, attaining buy-in and meaningful engagement of stakeholders is very challenging. Hence, the need for communication strategy is certain.

ToR - REDD+ Communication Strategy

The ToR of REDD+ Communication Strategy has designed with the following objectives:

1. Increase public and stakeholder awareness of REDD+ Readiness process;
2. Mobilize stakeholder’s involvement in the REDD+ Strategy development;
3. Design implementation plan for the strategy;

4. set out its monitoring and evaluation frameworks;

For more about the communication strategy ToR click on the link below to download.

Minutes on communication strategy progress

Date: Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Place: National REDD+ Secretariat Coordinator’s office, MEF, Baher Building, 10th floor
Starting Time:9:00AM
Ending time:5:15AM
Team Members:
1. DR. Yitebitu Moges, National coordinator, REDD+ Secretariat.....Chairperson
2. Ato Getachew Shiferaw , Communications Specialist , REDD+ Secretariat –Secretary
3. Ato Eyob Tenkir , Safe guards Specialist …....Member
4. Teshager Mersha , Individual consultant …….Member


  • Reviewing progress
  • Problems and challenges
  • The way forward

For more click on the link below to download the minute.

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