SNNP Regional REDD+ Steering Committee Members

  1. Agriculture and Natural Resource Bureau (Chair)
  2. Economic affairs advisor of Region Administration office (Co-Chair)
  3. Environmental Protection and Forest Authority
  4. Livestock and Fish Resources Development Bureau
  5. Women and Children Affairs Bureau
  6. Youth and Sports Affairs Bureau
  7. Mining and Energy Agency of Water Resource Bureau
  8. Trade and Industry Bureau
  9. Finance and Economic Development Bureau
  10. Transport Bureau
  11. Regional REDD+ Coordination Unit

SNNPR Regional REDD+ Steering  Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Place: Lewi Resort Hawassa

Date: 01/09/2016

Time: 06:25 pm

Meeting Agenda:

 The meeting agendas were:

  • Progress on REDD+ Readiness implementation in Ethiopia
  • Discussion on draft TOR of the Regional REDD+ steering committee and its approval

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