1. SNNPR-Wereda level REDD+ Training Report

Training Topic: Climate change, Forests and REDD+ Basics
Training days: March 7 – 8//2017
Training Place: Mizan-Aman Town, Bench Maji Zone, Salayish Hotel
Opening Remarks: Dr Teshale W/Amanuel, Coordinator of SNNPR State REDD+ Coordination Unit, welcomed the training participants and provided a brief remark on the objectives of the 2-days training and invited Ato GeremewKocho from the Bench-Maji Zone Administrator’s office to deliver an opening Remark. In his remark, Ato Geremew noted

  • The challenges of Climate Change (CC) globally and nationally
  • Ethiopia’s efforts to address the challenges of CC
  • Regional initiatives being undertaken in line with the national efforts and
  • The activities of the regional REDD+ coordination unit

Following the opening remark, Dr Teshale outlined the detailed activity schedule of the 2-days training; the expected outcome of the training; the mode of delivery; and what is expected of the trainees after the training. For full document click below to download.

2. SNNPR Training on Forestry Techniques

Training of Regional, Zonal Woreda and Kebele
Experts on Forestry Techniques
(Inventory, Mapping/Basic GIS Software Application, Forest Management Planning, Nursery Management and Silviculture)

The training took place in two rounds, the first round was from November 24-26, 2016; whereas the second round was from 30 November 30 – 02 December, 2016 at Halaba town with the overall objectives of creating awareness about the emerging non-conventional forest uses and the corresponding forestry techniques to use and sustainably manage forests. For full document click below to download.

3. SNNPR-Zonal and Special Woreda Workshop Oct 10 & 11 2009


The awareness creation workshop took place on October 19 & 20, 2016 at Hossana town with the overall objectives of creating awareness about the concepts of REDD+ among stakeholders and to disclose the National and Regional REDD+ readiness phase status.

Fifty four participants drawn from two Zones and one especial Woreda Wolaita, Dawro and Konta respectively were attended the workshop together with SNNP region Environment protection and Forest authority higher officials and experts. The complete list of registered participants is given in Annex I.

The program for the workshop is given in Annex II. Key topics/issues covered within one and half days of the program included the following:

  1. Climate Change and Forest
  2. Evolution of REDD+
  3. Technical Elements of REDD+
  4. Social and Environmental Safeguards
  5. National REDD+ Readiness Phase Status
  6. SNNP Regional REDD+ Readiness Phase Status
  7. Climate Change Projects Experience in Ethiopia

For full document click below to download.

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