Ethiopia REDD+ Readiness resource

1. Country Progress Sheets

Ethiopia FCPF REDD Readiness Progress Sheet_March 2012

REDD Readiness Progress Report-Ethiopia-June 2012

REDD Readiness Progress Report-Ethiopia-Sep 2012

REDD Readiness Progress Report-Ethiopia-March 2013

Ethiopia REDD Readiness Progress Sheet June 2013

Ethiopia-REDD Readiness Progress Report_Sept 2013

REDD+ Readiness Progress Report_Ethiopia_AUG 2013_March 2014

Ethiopia Country Report FCPF_Ethiopia 2014_final

Ethiopia_Semi-Annual Report_FCPF_31515_Final


2. Terms of Reference

TOR _MRV ToR Communication Strategy_prepared by Nina and KK


ToR for REDD+ pilot consultant_Final

ToR for SESA and ESMF

ToR Institutional and Legal Framework_Ethiopia-Sep-16

ToR TA on Refrence Levels and MRV - January-2013

TOR-Causes of DD and Strategic Options


3. Mid-term Progress Report (November 2015)

Ethiopia MTR_Final Version


4. Additional Readiness Grant from the BioCarbon Fund (June 2014)

Signed_Grant Agreement_Additional REDD+ Readiness Preparation

ISDS Ethiopia_additional funding

PID additional funding FCPF

Project Paper - REDD additional funding FINAL


5. Readiness Preparation Grant


Ethiopia Completion Report to June 2016

Ethiopia Extension of Closing date

Ethiopia FCPF Completion Report_Sept16

Ethiopia Revised Grant Agreement - (CONFORMED)

Ethiopia_RPP Grant_PID_Assessment Note (18October12)

FCPF REDD Readiness Project-Extension of Closing Date

GRM Ethiopia 2014(1)

GRM Ethiopia 2014

GRM_TF013450_Ethiopia_20150630_Progress Report


R-PP Assessment Note Ethiopia (18October2012) - FOR PUBLICATION


6. R-PP (Revised May 2011)

Ethiopia R-PP - Compleness Check

R-PP Ethiopia-final May 25-2011

Summary Report on the adjustment of Ethiopian R-PP as per the resolution of PC8- May 24-2011


7. R-PP (Updated March 2011)

3d. PC_review_R-PP_Ethiopia Dalat March 24 2011

Ethiopia R-PP TAP Review Synthesis- Clean Version -March 8 2011

Ethiopia R-PP TAP Review Synthesis- Track Change Version -March 8 2011


R-PP Ethiopia - Final Clean Version - March 07,2011_0

R-PP Ethiopia - Presentation for Participants Committee March 2011

R-PP Ethiopia Track Change Final version - March 07,2011_0

TAP Ethiopia RPP - March 24 2011


8. Draft R-PP (October 2010)

Ethiopia-TAP Review Synthesis - Oct 19 2010


PC7 4b Ethiopia R-PP PC review

R-PP Draft - Ethiopia-adjusted as per TAP comment _October 15, 2010__0


TAP Ethiopia RPP Presentation


9. R-PIN (July 2008)




10. R-PP Formulation Grant

Ethiopia FCPF R-PP Formulation Grant Agreement

GRM Ethiopia September 2009-March 2011

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